S & R Global, Inc.


Integrity. Passion.



In 1991, Patty White was the executive secretary for the Vice President of Tomkins International Division (the parent company of Titus and Ruskin at that time). In 1994, Tomkins International Division decentralized and Patty started working for Tomkins' manufacturer representative for the Middle East region. She ended her career with that company as the general manager in 2004. Patty established S & R Global, Inc. in 2004 as an international manufacturers' representative for Titus and Ruskin in the European and African markets. Since then, S & R Global, Inc. has grown to include the Russian, Caucasus, Israel, and Caribbean markets. 

In 2010, S & R Global, Inc. embarked into a joint venture with Kokotas Klimatismos Ltd. as their sub-distributor in Greece. Over the past couple of years, Kokotas Klimatismos Ltd. has started stocking Titus U.S.A. FlowBar diffusers to be readily available for small projects throughout Europe.

Also in 2010, S & R Global, Inc. entered into a brokerage agreement with Nasos Kyriakopoulos. Nasos assists S & R Global, Inc. in locating products our main manufacturers do not produce. 

In January of 2017 , S & R Global, Inc. started working with R H & Son Construction Ltd. as their representative for the U.K. market. They will have stock of some Titus U.S.A. diffusers in England sometime in the near future. 

"I am extremely proud of how far our company has come. With the help of our team and our current and future customers, we will continue to grow as an innovated business with the same integrity, quality, and perseverance that has made this company what it is today."  - Patty White